Summernats to woo international car lovers

3 January 2014

Organisers of Summernats are taking their car enthusiasts show to the world, announcing that 2014 will see the establishment of a Malaysian festival.

Winners from the Australian event will travel to Kuala Lumpur from late August to early September, to showcase their street machines to an Asian audience.

"Hopefully that's the first of an ongoing series of expansions internationally for our brand and our event," Summernats owner Andy Lopez says.

Mr Lopez says the expansion shows that the love of cars is universal.

"We're an activity and an event that connects with people," he says.

Organisers think the dominance of Australian muscle cars will continue, despite the impending departure of Holden and Ford.

Australian motor racing legend John Bowe thinks the pride Australians have for those vehicles will continue.

"If you and I talk in ten years time, there'll be a lot of nostalgia about Commodores and Falcons," he says.

"But we'll still be driving Fords and Holdens."

The 2014 Summernats festival runs until Sunday.

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