1. When will the 11.08KM MERDEKA RUN be held?
The 11.08KM MERDEKA RUN will be held on Sunday, 31st August 2014 (07:00 am - 09:00 am)

2. Where will the 11.08KM MERDEKA RUN be held?
The 11.08KM MERDEKA RUN will be held at Sepang International Circuit. Please refer to the map

3. What do I need to bring to the 11.08KM MERDEKA RUN?
Stick and show your Entry Sticker to access the Sepang F1 Track from Tunnel 1

4. When do I collect the Summernats Tickets / Certificate / Finisher Medal?
Summernats Tickets: Collect during the Entry Sticker collection
Certificate: Collect after the run at the exit point
Finisher Medal: Collect after the run at the exit point

5. How many Summernats Tickets / Certificate / Finisher Medal can I get?
Summernats Tickets: Each participant is entitled to 4 Summernats Tickets
Certificate: Each participant is entitled to 1 Certificate
Finisher Medal: Early Bird Participant who had topped up and Participant entitled to get only 1 Finisher Medal

6. Where can I park?
Signboard would be provided to guide you to the parking. Click here for the layout

7. What can I do after 11.08KM MERDEKA RUN?
There's a full day of scheduled activities at Summernats Malaysia. Click here for the programme

8. Where can I store my baggage?
No baggage storage facilities provided by organiser.

1. How do I register?
Please go here for information on how to register.

2. How do I know if my registration is successful?
You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your QR Code and Confirmation Number from Summernats Malaysia

1. Who is the payment gateway provider for the 11.08KM MERDEKA RUN?
The payment gateway provider for the 11.08KM MERDEKA RUN is iPay88

2. How do I pay?
Payment can be made via our payment gateway provider - ipay88. Credit Card, Online Banking, eWallet and Paypal are available on ipay88

3. Why have I been charged with an extra USD 1 for my purchase when using Paypal for payment?
The 1 USD charge is a temporary authorization by PayPal. To verify that the buyer's credit card or debit card is in good standing, a temporary USD 1.00 charge might appear in buyer's transaction history. The charge appears as 'pending' and is automatically removed after the full amount of the purchase is processed. It may take a few minutes or up to 30 days, depending on the card issuer, for the transaction to be removed and the USD 1.00 to be released to the buyer's card. If the authorization charge remains on the buyer's card after 30 days, we suggest the buyer contact the card issuer
For more Paypal FAQ, please click here for more details

4. Can I pay by CASH? If so where do I make the payment?
Please go here for the address

5. When can I go to your office to make CASH payment?
(From 18th August onwards)
Monday - Friday, 9am - 7pm
Saturday & Sunday, 9am - 5pm

1. Where do I collect my entry sticker?

2. What should I bring along when collect my entry sticker?
Please bring your Confirmation QR Code in printed / digital (Phone) format and remember to bring your IC to collect your entry sticker

3. Can I redeem on behalf of my friend?
Yes, please bring along his/her Confirmation QR Code and Letter of Authorisation

4. What is Confirmation QR code?
QR Code is used for storing your participation information for reading by our scanner. It's look like this.

5. How can I find my Confirmation QR Code?
- You can find your Confirmation QR code in the CONFIRMATION email sent by Summernats Malaysia
- Install 'Summernats Malaysia' App and login at 'LOGIN & MY PROFILE' icon
- Summernats Malaysia official website, click here to Login

6. Where can I find my login details to login?
You can find your login details in the 'CONFIRMATION email' sent by Summernats Malaysia. Click here for sample