Behaviour at Summernats
◙ This simple rule applies to all ENTRANTS driving within the Summernats Malaysia site and SIC. It is against the law to drink and drive.

◙ Unruly or antisocial behaviour or burnouts within SIC WILL NOT be tolerated. It is understood that some cars are difficult to drive due to excessive modifications, but any action by owners deemed to be dangerous to the public and other Entrants will bring about serious restrictions to future attendance.

◙ Any action by entrant drivers deemed dangerous to the public or other entrants will result in serious restrictions to future Summernats Malaysia events and immediate eviction from the event.

Judging of Categories and Prizes
Key judging considerations for all categories:
◙ Quality of workmanship - This is of upmost importance when a car is being presented for judging. It doesn't matter how major the modifications are, if there is evidence of poor workmanship.

◙ Cleanliness - The judges will mark a car down on if it is not presented in a clean, tidy and well maintained manner.

◙ Innovation - For a car to perform well in the some categories it would be necessary for there to be a certain amount of modifications that reflect innovation on the car builders part. This could involve engineering, interior, paintwork and overall design and concept.

◙ Presentation - The car must be presented to the judges ready for judging. The judges will only judge what they can have access to. The car must be unlocked and the bonnet open for the car to receive points for these areas if applicable.

◙ The Chief Steward has the final decision on all judging classifications.

◙ Cars presented for Judging should arrive in their absolute best condition. No matter how much time, effort or money went into the rebuild, the winner will always be 'the best on the day'.

◙ Disputes will only be handled by the Chief Steward and if a formal complaint is to be made, it must be presented in writing to the Chief Steward within 20 minutes of the last award being announced.

◙ No disputes will be managed after that time. Chief Stewards decision is final.

*Subject to change