1. Grand Champion
This is the most prestigious award at Summernats Malaysia.

The judges will pick between 6 -10 cars from all entrants to go for the prize of Grand Champion. If your car is selected by the judges on Saturday afternoon then you will be presented in a special judging location on Sunday morning. Here the general public will also get to vote on their favourite.

These cars might not have necessarily came first in a judging category on Saturday but are selected because they are high quality and unique.

The winner will be the vehicle that scores the most judges votes and receives the most votes from the visiting public on Sunday morning.

The Judging Committee will announce the Grand Champion on Sunday 31st at 4pm on the Main Stage.

2. Best Modified
This class is for owners who like to really individualise their vehicles. The more the vehicle is modified, the better. Vehicle will be judged on the quality of the modifications. The overall package is what matters and how well everything is tied together. Please list the modifications you have done on your vehicle for the judges to see. Custom paint, tires, wheels, headers, engine swaps, and so on are welcome in this class.

Here the judges also want to see things like a chopped roof, altered panels, big wheel wells, structural changes, huge engine mods etc.

The more extreme the better. This category is for the wild bunch!!!!

3. Best Japanese
Vehicles in this category can be modified. You can build an old school look or modernize the vehicle depending on your style.

Depending on entrant numbers we may decide to split into the following 2 sub categories:
Best Japanese - Pre 1980
Best Japanese - Post 1980

Judges will be looking for the car that best represents the chosen era in either standard or modified form.

We want to see Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Suzuki etc.

4. Best European
Owners can go for the restored or modified look depending on your style.

Again this will be up to the owner to build what he/she wants but well done modifications will score higher due to the amount of work done.

Depending on entrant numbers we may decide to split into the following 2 sub categories:
Best European - Pre 1980
Best European - Post 1980

We want to see Mercedes, BMW, Fiat, Peugot, MG, Jaguar, VW, Alfa Romeo etc

The more Euro the better!!!!

5. Best Original Classic Car / Best American Classic Car Pre 1975
There are several categories where the best original classic car can come from. It could be in original condition but more than likely restored back to original.

This category is for owners who have a great example of an original or classic car. Here we want to see models like Mustang, Camaro, Impala, Challenger, Pontiac GTO. The winner could also be a classic VW, Porsche, Ferrari etc.

This category is all about style and beautiful curves. These are the cars we have grown up watching in the movies and dreamt about one day owning.

6. Best Local Car
Its Malaysia Merdeka weekend, so this category is for all the proud owners of locally produced cars. That means the judges want to see Protons and Perodua that you been modified, stickered, painted, dropped etc.

We want this category to be the biggest at Summernats Malaysia.

Judging is for Best Proton and Best Perodua.

7. Best Custom Paint / Best Air Brush
Here the judges will be looking for good foundations of the paint job, how well the base is layed down, the preparation and final finish of the clear coat. They will also be looking at the detail of the paint and air brushing scoring higher for degree of difficulty in the job. Clean edges, lines and use of Colour also score higher points.

Creativity in design is very important in this category.

8. Best Wrap & Graphics / Best Stickers
This is where the creative talent is on show at Summernats Malaysia.

Depending on entrant numbers we may create the following categories;
Best Wrap & Graphics
Here the judges will be looking at the overall effect of the finish, degree of difficulty with the wrap finish and shapes on the vehicle. They will be looking at joins, wrap around on panels and quality overall.

Best Stickers
Here the judges will be looking at the overall best creative concept, including cartoon, racing look stickers etc. The application and presentation of the stickers is important, so that means no bubbles or scratches on the stickers.

9. Best I.C.E (In Car Entertainment)
This is all about having the best combination of:
Interior Design

The judges will be looking for quality of the sound system install, complexity of the lighting effects both inside and outside the car, and the overall design features used in creating a unique and usable interior.

Judges are also looking for the use of large screens or multiple smaller units, clean wiring systems and hidden technical components.

10. Best Engine Bay
Best engine bay can come from any vehicle in the show and will have excellent detail and finish of engine and engine bay panels including under bonnet. It will probably have extensive removal of wiring, plumbing, and any other items that can be hidden or tidied up.

Here the judges want to see a super clean engine bay, the more chrome and trick bits the better. Here it is all about the engine bay having a great overall look and making sure the untidy bits are hidden away.

11. Best Interior
Seats, interior panels and dash are judged on the basis of workmanship, use of materials and execution. Sometimes a reshaped dash is considered 'custom', however when door panels are replaced with polished aluminium, it's still classed as interior. Roll cages are considered 'engineering' although the padding would constitute 'interior'.

With the interior the judges are looking for good use of space, straight stitching that lines up, innovation of components and overall detail. This award also includes boot or hatch area and sound system installation.

12. Best Stance
This award will be based on judges looking at the overall stance of vehicle. Even if you haven't heavily modified your vehicle you can compete here with the right look.

The way the car sits and appeals to the eye is key, the lines of the panels and wheels make this the coolest category at Summernats.

So if you have great air suspension or just a really cool lowered car this category is for you. If the camber of your wheels makes the car look tough then you are in the right category. So for example if your rims are Flush, Dropped, Stock or Slammed you will be perfect for this category.

13. Best Car Club
This award will be based on judges looking at the overall attendance by a car club.

That means we want to see at least 5 cars from each club parked together. Judges will be looking for club members wearing uniforms and a high level of presentation.

The way the club sets up its display and the use of a club slogan will also be looked at.

Judges will also be looking at teamwork when they visit each club, viewing how well team members interact with each other and the public.

*Subject to change