Hollywood glamour to hit town

10 August 2014

One of the rarest and most exciting family day outingS is just around the corner, and we expect this event to be a game changer.

Ever seen a movie, music video, drama series or animated cartoon where the cars were so exotic and rare, you could only dream of touching it or seeing it in real life?

Thanks to JPM Motorsports' Summernats, those dreams are about to come true.

The only other place where this experience is made available before Summernats arrived in Malaysia would have been to fly all the way to Hollywood in California and take a stroll down the original Universal Studios where cars like the DeLorian from Back To The Future and muscle cars from Fast and Furious are on show.

Lucky for us, we do not have to go that far as all of these iconic cars including an Oldsmobile which Doc Hudson's image was based on in Disney's animated movie, Cars, will be on show from Aug 29 to 31 at the Summernats festival at the Sepang International Curcuit (SIC).

An added value which Summernats has to offer with these cars is the fact that throughout the weekend festival, the cars will be driven around the arena from time to time to give visitors a feel of what they will sound like in real life.

It's all good to see them stationary but to see them being driven around with horsepower noises rushing through the exhaust pipes is another spectacle within itself.

As always, Summernats Malaysia is not only about one event. Accompanying the majestic cars will be the Judging Pavilion and Auto Saloon Challenge.

The Judging Pavilion and Auto Saloon Challenge is where the hard work of keeping cars and bikes in pristine condition pays off. This is the best opportunity for collectors and car enthusiasts alike to finally show off their beautiful machines. There are 13 categories in total for cars, which include best-modified, best stance and best car club.

For bikes, there are 10 categories, which see the likes of best café racer, best street club and Harley Davidson setting the stage alight.

Interested parties are required to be at SIC on Saturday Aug 30 between 9.30am and 11.30am to be placed in the correct judging area. The judging will take place on Sunday and participants who wish to leave their vehicle overnight at Summernats may do so and have peace of mind as the complex will be heavily guarded. Participants of the Judging Pavilion and Auto Saloon Challenge will also receive 10 complimentary Summernats tickets worth up to RM1,000 as well as an option to participate in a barbeque and entertainment evening on the eve of the judging day.

* More information regarding the exciting Summernats, the Judging Pavillion and Auto Saloon Challenge can be obtained on www.summernats.com.my

Credit: CBT Online

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