A show like no other - Summernats Malaysia 2014

13 August 2014

A wide range of iconic and classic cars will be on display

"It would be a show that is unlike any other motor show that you have seen in Malaysia" was what JP Chin, the organiser of the upcoming Summernats festival promised Malaysians during a media preview held last Wednesday at the JPM Museo in Kota Damansara.

Taking place for the first time in Malaysia from Aug 29 to 31 at the Sepang International Circuit, the Summernats festival, which originated in Australia, will see hundreds of cars (especially American and European muscle cars), motorcycles and also bicycles parading the SIC over the weekend.

According to JPM Motorsports, enthusiasts and petrolheads will get to feast their eyes on similar iconic cars belonging to Malaysians, such as the Mustang GT500 Eleanor, Ford F150 pickup truck, Chevrolet Impala, Cadillac and a wide range of other models that carry a rich heritage.

"Summernats is more than just a regular motorshow. It is a celebration of the street machine lifestyle and the people who live it. Whatever Summernats Australia has, the Malaysian Summernats will have too, but instead of ending it there, we are introducing a once in a lifetime opportunity with more activities to make the weekend festival more like a family holiday tour," said Chin, the organiser of Summernats festival Malaysia 2014.

Besides muscle cars, there will also be hundreds of supercars and exotics, including the ones that are part of Chin's private collection along those belonging to private owners.

In order to kick things off and get the "fever" started, we were even given an opportunity to drive some of the muscle cars that will be present during Summernats.

The vehicles that we drove during the media preview included the Mustang GT500 Eleanor, the Ford F50 pickup, the Dodge Challenger, a 1947 Chevy Coupe and the Chevrolet Impala.

Besides these timeless machines, an added value which Summernats Malaysia has to offer is the fact that throughout the weekend festival, the cars will be driven around the arena from time to time to give visitors a feel of what they will sound like in real life.

It's all good to see them stationary but to see them being driven around with horsepower noises rushing through the exhaust pipes is another spectacle within itself.

As always, Summernats Malaysia is not only about one event. Accompanying the majestic cars will be the Judging Pavilion and Auto Saloon Challenge.

The Judging Pavilion and Auto Saloon Challenge are where the hard work of keeping cars and bikes in pristine condition pays off. This is the best opportunity for collectors and car enthusiasts alike to finally show off their beautiful machines.

Summernats Malaysia will also utilise the race track and surrounding areas of the SIC for visitors who would like to participate in an 11.08km Merdeka Run and the "Biggest Merdeka Summernats Bicycle Gathering".

* For more information, visit www.summernats.com.my

Credit: CBT Online

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